Teaching Thursday: Watercolours

Happy Thursday everyone! A couple of months ago I purchased a new set of Koi Sakura watercolour paints and have been occasionally dabbling in painting ever since. However, learning how to paint with watercolours isn’t as easy as just wetting a brush and swiping it across a pan of pigment. I am still very much a beginner so for today’s Teaching Thursday I have gathered some of the best watercolour tutorials on the internet. I hope this inspires you to give this very fun medium a try, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist!

The Alison Show with Yao

Photo from thealisonshow.com

My favourite beginner tutorial for learning watercolours is by an artist named Yao, who was featured on a blog called The Alison Show. This is a five-part series that covers the basics, like which tools to use, as well as topics like blending and mark making. I love the beautiful photos and straightforward writing style of these articles. You can find a list of all five tutorials here.

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Teaching Thursday: Bookbinding

There’s something so exciting about a brand new, crisp notebook. Blank pages have infinite potential for recording thoughts and sketches or anything else you can invent! Now imagine being able to make any kind of notebook, in any style and thickness, with any kind of paper that strikes your fancy–that’s the motivation behind learning the art of bookbinding. Today I’m sharing some tutorials I’ve found that will set you on the path to binding your own notebooks, whether you are a complete bookbinding newbie or a seasoned veteran looking for a new style to try.

Summer Stories Sewn Journals from DanaMadeIt

Photo from danamadeit.com

This is a simple and sweet tutorial that is perfect for complete beginners. The author created these books for her daughter using cardstock, paper, and a sewing machine. She provides templates designed for childrens’ summer journaling but the concept can be used for any kind of notebook your heart desires.

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