Book Review: Stop Stealing Sheep on The Conquering Zero

Book Review: Stop Stealing Sheep by Erik Spiekermann and E.M. Ginger

Last fall I went with my class to the Design Thinkers Conference at the Sony Centre in downtown Toronto. Between main stage speakers, there was a panel discussion about typography. One of the presenters was a man named Erik Spiekermann, whom I was told was a famous typographer. When he answered questions, he seemed abrupt. He said he didn’t care if his students used auto-leading. His stance on handwritten typefaces was this: don’t use them. I was intimidated by this no-nonsense titan of type.

Stop Stealing Sheep Book Review on The Conquering Zero

So when I picked up a used copy of the book Spiekermann wrote in 1993 with E.M. Ginger, I was expecting to read something clinical and inaccessible. However, I soon found that Stop Stealing Sheep (& find out how type works) is a practical little guide for any layperson who wants to learn how to use type properly. The preface says,”Familiar images are used in this book to show that typography is not an art for the chosen few, but a powerful tool for anyone who has something to say and needs to say it in print.”

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