How I Stay Productive + Free Printable Day Planner from The Conquering Zero

How I Stay Productive + Free Printable Day Planner

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

Let’s talk about time management. I’m a design student writing for other design students, but this is a discussion that’s relevant to all of us. Getting things done is simple concept—just do the thing and get it over with. Does the kitchen floor need sweeping? Well you just grab the broom and sweep it, of course.

But we know it’s not always that easy. Most of us have jobs, school, and other responsibilities. Each of those involves complex tasks that need to be done on a deadline. Take my program, for example. On the first day of school this semester, I received a couple of assignments. Easy peasy—I can remember what I need to do for that. The next day brought new classes and a few more new assignments. That’s when I started to sweat a little. By the time the week was finished, it was plain that our class was in for another whirlwind year of projects, presentations, and due dates.

On top of all of that, there’s life. Grocery shopping, cooking, paying bills, making time for friends and loved ones, and cleaning the house. How am I supposed to get all of that done, much less have time to relax and work on personal projects that reignite my passion for design?

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