Spring 2016 Project Showcase

I’ve been busy taking photos of my projects to be featured on a portfolio website I have to build this semester. Since I have them ready, I thought I’d share some images with you today! I may have shown you some of these last semester, but this time the photos are a little more polished.

Half-Pint Pie Co. Restaurant Menu

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Playing Tourist: Kitchener/Waterloo

Aaaand we’re back with another instalment of Playing Tourist. I didn’t intend for this to become a series but I have to confess that I really like walking around new places with my camera. Yesterday I met up with three of my best friends and did a bit of exploring around Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener.

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Teaching Thursday: Food Styling

Hello everyone! A week passes so quickly and it’s time for yet another Teaching Thursday post. Today’s topic was inspired by some research I did for my pairing book project, for which I needed to photograph ten different kinds of hot chocolate and cookie pairings. After several hours of heating and reheating hot chocolate, lying in sprinkles, and wiping up maple syrup, I had gained a lot of respect for food stylists and photographers. So if you’d like to show off some of your culinary creations or just take better photos of your lunch for Instagram, check out some of these tutorials!

Digital Photography School Tutorials

This website features several articles about the art of food styling and photography. The ones that I found most helpful were Food Photography – An Introduction, 10 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography Styling, and Food Photography Techniques and Tips. They also publish an ebook called Snapn Food if you’re willing to spend a few dollars.

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5 Reasons Why I Photograph My Life

There’s something about the knowledge that spring is coming that breathes life back into me. Although I love the cosiness of winter, the warmer months motivate me to bring out my camera and capture beauty. I have always enjoyed photography but I became obsessed with it two summers ago when I purchased a DSLR. I wanted to get a head start on learning manual photography before I started my graphic design program that fall. Since then I’ve (kind of) mastered manual mode, purchased a couple of affordable lenses, and spent plenty of time reading tutorials and completing photography assignments for school. During those two summers I discovered something even better than just being able to take “pretty” photos–the fact that I was capturing memories. So with that in mind, here are my top five reasons that photographing your life is important!

Practicing will make you a better photographer

There is something really gratifying about improving your photography skill so that the photos you share on Facebook come closer to matching your vision. If I see a beautiful landscape, I want to be able to show others just how incredible it actually was! I’ve captured a lot of shots that make my heart super happy simply because their colours or composition are pleasing.


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Playing Tourist in Galt, ON

Downtown Galt, Ontario is full of beautiful historic stone architecture and hidden pieces of design. I had the opportunity the other day to walk around with my camera and take some photos and now I’m sharing them with you. But first, here’s some background information about Galt, as found here:

“Galt was a thriving city when in 1973, along with the towns of Hespeler and Preston, it amalgamated with the city of Cambridge. The founder of Galt, William Dickson was one of three brothers brought from Dumfries in Scotland to Niagara by Robert Hamilton, their cousin.

Together with Absalom Shade, they had built a gristmill by 1819 and named the new community Dumfries Mill. Later on the village would become known as Shades Mills and eventually Galt, named in honour of John Galt, founder of Guelph and Goderich and instrumental in the formation of the Canada Company.

This company was set up as a means of implementing settlement into the area […] The company eventually was to buy more than two million acres of land including the Huron Tract, an area of land between the present Kitchener and Lake Huron, and containing Goderich and Stratford.”

What I love about downtown Galt is its dual nature–it is simultaneously gritty and gentlemanly. I would hesitate to walk the streets alone at night in some areas but during the day it is breathtaking. I’ve driven through Galt on a regular basis since I was little, but I found so many new and fascinating details when I parked my car and toured on foot.

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Restaurant Menu on The Conquering Zero

Project Showcase: The Halfway Point

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Personally, I’m sitting here gorging myself on leftover Halloween chocolate as I write this. Life is so hard.

We are just past the halfway point in our semester so I thought it would be a good time to look back and reflect on the projects I’ve done so far. Second year goes quickly with deadlines coming at a more rapid-fire speed. So ready, set, let’s get some perspective!

After a few technical projects, the first assignment I handed in was my card illustrations. I created mine based on Dutch needlepoint samplers from the 1600-1800s. My own relatives immigrated from the Netherlands, so a lot of this rich imagery was already familiar to me and close to my heart. To make the designs, I created a grid in Illustrator and duplicated a small ‘x’ shape a few thousand times.

Card Illustration Project on The Conquering Zero

The next project I handed in was the Film Festival Identity. Each second year student was paired up with a third year to create unique visual branding for a film fest. My partner and I received the topic “children’s film fest.” Our theme became “children’s movie’s with a message.” The name Fish Out of Water not only encompasses the environmental aspect of some of the films, but the messages about bullying and fitting in found in the other movies.

Film Festival Identity on The Conquering Zero

Another large project we finished during the first half of the semester was our restaurant menu. I dreamt up a cafe called Half-Pint Pie Co. (the research part of this made me drool). I wanted it to feel like a fun, casual place where you can sit and sip a fancy coffee drink or iced tea while savouring a flaky, delicious hand pie. I made the menu cute and easily replaceable because pie crust=greasy fingers.

Restaurant Menu on The Conquering Zero

We can’t forget about photography class! Our assignment was to take two portrait photos. One had to be in the studio and one had to use available light, each with at least two light sources. I had lots of fun making my friend look overjoyed to be holding an onion (last minute idea) and getting my sister to pose for me on our front steps.

Studio Portrait on The Conquering ZeroAvailable Light Portrait on The Conquering Zero

I have a couple more projects due this week so I will share those photos with you when I have them. All you need to know about them right now is that creating infographics is so, so much harder than it looks. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my assignments so far!

Till next time,