Teaching Thursday: Photo Booth Backdrops

Those who follow me on Pinterest know that I have a fairly bloated board called “Need to Make” that is full of DIY projects of all kinds. One thing that shows up a lot on this board is photo booth backdrop tutorials. Backdrops like these are a fun addition to any casual get-together or even formal events like weddings. I once helped make a photo backdrop out of cones of wax paper that ended up being a gorgeous frothy background for the bride and groom at the head table. Be warned though–backdrops can take forever to make! If you give yourself plenty of lead time, you can use those nights spent binge-watching Netflix as mindless backdrop-making time too. Sounds like my kind of DIY!

Multicoloured Balloon Wall from PopSugar

Let’s start off with an easy one. The hardest part of this DIY is finding the helium with which to fill the balloons. Then you just tape them to the floor with varying lengths of ribbon until you’ve made a solid floating backdrop. Recommended pose: Charlie’s Angels.

Big Fringe Garlands from Oh Happy Day

Fringe is just plain fun and I love the bright pinks used in this tutorial. Plus you get to stretch out crepe paper, which is something you’ve been tempted to do every time you’ve been around crepe paper ever. Now it’s justified, so get snipping and make some fringe banners! Recommended pose: high five with your bestie.

DIY Ticket Photobooth by Brooklyn Bride

“But Rebecca,” you say, “none of these backdrops work for my super fancy exclusive indie film viewing party!” I know, I know, calm down. I don’t have to tell you that those rolls of colourful tickets you’ve been eyeing at the dollar store exist for a reason. Unroll them and hang strips of tickets from the ceiling and you’ve got an instant movie-themed photobooth. Recommended pose: Blue Steel.

Spiral Mobiles from Oh Happy Day

Real talk: this might be the one backdrop I actually make. All it takes is being able to trace a plate onto some coloured stock and then cut into it in a spiral shape, then rinse and repeat. Nothing says “it’s party time” like some happy layers of paper spirals! Recommended pose: hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care.

Metallic Wooden Triangle Backdrop from 100 Layer Cake

This one’s for my modern-decor lovers. It doesn’t come with instructions but how hard can it be? I like the idea of upcycling recycled 2x4s into a geometric structured backdrop, and gold spray paint covers a multitude of sins. The only thing left to do is save up for that stunning gold dress. Recommended pose: stare majestically off into the distance and hold some kind of floral arrangement.

I officially challenge you to make a backdrop this month! First you’re gonna need a party. Any excuse will do. Take photos and tag me using @rebecca_vanleeuwen on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

Till next time,


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