Spring 2016 Project Showcase

I’ve been busy taking photos of my projects to be featured on a portfolio website I have to build this semester. Since I have them ready, I thought I’d share some images with you today! I may have shown you some of these last semester, but this time the photos are a little more polished.

Half-Pint Pie Co. Restaurant Menu

Half-Pint Pie Co. is a fictional bakery and cafe that specializes in gourmet hand pies. I had tons of fun trolling Pinterest for hand pie recipes and drooling over the photos. I decided that they would serve both sweet and savoury pies with hot and cold drinks on the side. The menu was designed to be easily replaceable because flaky pie crust equals greasy fingers. If someone wants to open an actual Half-Pint Pie Co., please do. My heart wants this to be a reality (even if my wallet and my bathroom scale don’t).

Rocket Toys Packaging Innovation

The purpose of this assignment was to learn about packaging by taking an existing interestingly-shaped package and redesigning it to hold something else. I was walking to the checkout at Shopper’s Drug when I noticed a box of Raffaello truffles on sale. Perfect. After a fun and challenging few weeks, I had designed a line of retro toy packaging designed to appeal to both parents and children. I had to solve a lot of problems relating to pattern and colour scheme but I ended up with a project that I loved.

Parade of Progress Museum Guide

I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone for this project and do something that I thought wasn’t that interesting. My initial idea for a fictional exhibit was a collection of vintage Pyrex or kitchen appliances from the 1960s. Although I am not a car person, my prof encouraged me to  research the GM Parade of Progress vehicles that toured America during the first half of the 20th century. My initial excitement level was low but I really enjoyed the challenge of making a book about vehicles. Because my previous project was full-on 60s nostalgia, I went for a clean and sophisticated look for this guide. The horizontal lines echo the lines on the side of the vehicles and the front of the guide matches its iconic nose.

The Big Jerk Jerk Sauce for Jambrica Food Co.

Part of our program curriculum is to work with real-life clients to create deliverables that meet their needs. For this project, we redesigned the label for three different kinds of authentic jerk sauce for a company based out of Niagara. The owner visited to present the project and even brought jerk chicken for us to taste! Live client projects are always extremely valuable because of the people skills required.

Cosy Up Hot Chocolate and Cookies Pairing Book

When I heard that we were going to be designing a pairing book I knew mine had to be about hot chocolate and cookies. My sweet tooth is legendary among my friends and family, and during the winter I make hot chocolate from scratch at least three times a week. This book would not have been possible without Sally’s Baking Addiction, which is my go-to site for excellent cookie recipes. I spent a day during reading break baking almost a dozen different cookie recipes. After a grueling day of lying in sprinkles and spilling hot chocolate on the floor, I had my final ten images. The spiral binding and bright colours on each spread make it perfect for families with young kids.

Thanks for taking a look at my projects! Which one would you have wanted to do?

Till next time,



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