Playing Tourist: Kitchener/Waterloo

Aaaand we’re back with another instalment of Playing Tourist. I didn’t intend for this to become a series but I have to confess that I really like walking around new places with my camera. Yesterday I met up with three of my best friends and did a bit of exploring around Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener.

Downtown Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo are only about fifteen minutes apart so we stopped in Waterloo to check out a consignment store called Luster & Oak. I was the most excited about this because apparently I am the cliche hipster in the group and like stores with ampersands in their names. To my dismay, the sign said “open” but the door was locked, forcing us to move on to a vintage clothing boutique called Meow just a few blocks down the road. This area had a few older brick buildings and a historic-looking movie theatre. The sign on the movie theatre said something like “no hats, no gang colours” which instantly made me feel better about the kind of people I might run into.


I was a bit surprised to find a co-op/hardware store tucked behind one of the buildings. I guess you’ve got to get your seed somewhere! KW is surrounded by farmland, although it’s easy to forget when you’re looking at the Google offices or the Perimeter Institute.

We moved on to Downtown Kitchener and got really, really lost trying to navigate through all of King St’s construction (they’re building a light rail transit system) and trying to find a parking garage (it was my fault). I spotted a few colourful murals, including this bear by Christopher Austin Art.


There’s a large used bookstore across from the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts and we dispersed to our respective favourite sections. I suddenly developed a sharp pain in my knee and fell over trying to look at some books near the floor. Good times.

The amount of construction in this city is mind-blowing. We walked down Charles (maybe?) and peeked in a vegan cafe called Cafe Pyrus. I’ve been there before and they have great unsweetened iced tea. However, in the end we opted to go to Zoup on King St because it was a bit brisk outside.


Next, we walked around The Market Square, which is a confusing place because it is a mall and a gym and an office building all in one. Maybe it’s just my tourist perspective that made me feel confused. After a sketchy elevator ride, we ended up on the top floor because we wanted to walk across one of the glassed-in walkways that goes over the street.

We may or may not have had a dance party–only time and YouTube will tell.

Thanks for reading some of my ramblings! I hope you enjoyed seeing some photos of my mini-adventure. Where should I go next?

Till next time,


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