Teaching Thursday: Watercolours

Happy Thursday everyone! A couple of months ago I purchased a new set of Koi Sakura watercolour paints and have been occasionally dabbling in painting ever since. However, learning how to paint with watercolours isn’t as easy as just wetting a brush and swiping it across a pan of pigment. I am still very much a beginner so for today’s Teaching Thursday I have gathered some of the best watercolour tutorials on the internet. I hope this inspires you to give this very fun medium a try, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist!

The Alison Show with Yao

Photo from thealisonshow.com

My favourite beginner tutorial for learning watercolours is by an artist named Yao, who was featured on a blog called The Alison Show. This is a five-part series that covers the basics, like which tools to use, as well as topics like blending and mark making. I love the beautiful photos and straightforward writing style of these articles. You can find a list of all five tutorials here.

Adventures in Making

Photo from adventures-in-making.com

In addition to being an all-around fantastic and cheery website for artists and crafters, Adventures In Making has two watercolour tutorials that are fun to read and will inspire you to get started. Click here for a rundown of some watercolour basics and here to see eight watercolour techniques for beginners. Makes me want to break out the paints!

The Virtual Instructor

Photo from thevirtualinstructor.com

If you want to learn how to paint realistically, here is your site. The Virtual Instructor is a treasure trove of resources for learning drawing, painting, and digital art. Click the link above to be taken to a huge list of videos and articles that go in depth about subjects such as still lifes, landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits. Even though watercolours make it difficult to be accurate and detailed, I am feeling more confident after viewing this website that I can delve into the realism side of things!


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.47.11 PM.png
Photo from watercolorpainting.com

Last but certainly not least is the website WatercolorPainting.com. This beautifully designed site is easy to navigate and boasts a wide range of well-crafted tutorials for the beginning watercolor artist. This is also the home of Watercolor University videos, which can be accessed at a small fee by purchasing a membership. On the site you can watch one of the videos for free and I found it to be very clear and informative.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with watercolour painting! Don’t forget to check out my new Facebook page and like it to see all of my new blog posts and YouTube videos as they are published. Thanks for reading!

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