Teaching Thursday: Bookbinding

There’s something so exciting about a brand new, crisp notebook. Blank pages have infinite potential for recording thoughts and sketches or anything else you can invent! Now imagine being able to make any kind of notebook, in any style and thickness, with any kind of paper that strikes your fancy–that’s the motivation behind learning the art of bookbinding. Today I’m sharing some tutorials I’ve found that will set you on the path to binding your own notebooks, whether you are a complete bookbinding newbie or a seasoned veteran looking for a new style to try.

Summer Stories Sewn Journals from DanaMadeIt

Photo from danamadeit.com

This is a simple and sweet tutorial that is perfect for complete beginners. The author created these books for her daughter using cardstock, paper, and a sewing machine. She provides templates designed for childrens’ summer journaling but the concept can be used for any kind of notebook your heart desires.

Stab-Stitch Binding from Poppytalk

Photo by poppytalk.com

Stab-stitch binding (aka Japanese stab-binding) is a beautifully simple method that can be customized in endless ways. Janis Nicolay from the blog Pinecone Camp shows you the basics of this technique to make a small, colourful kraft notebook. Once you try this easy binding you’ll be addicted to finding new varieties! Tip: search “stab binding” on Pinterest to see some gorgeous examples.

Wooden Journal DIY from Thrift Diving

Photo from thriftdiving.com

This is a more unusual method that would be perfect for the lumberjack in your life. The project is a little more involved because you will need to cut, burn, and stain the wood. However, the metal ring binding can be used with other thick sturdy materials such as old hardcover notebook covers and chipboard.

Leather Journal Tutorial from Hubpages

Photo from hubpages.com

If you’re more of a leather-bound journal type, this tutorial from Hubpages goes into great detail about how to make one. I like that the leather wraps around the entire book and fastens with a snap. The basic principle of making a text block and attaching a leather cover could be used to create several styles of leather notebooks.

Bookbinding University from Damask Love

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.36.55 AM
Photo from damasklove.com

This blog has a series that covers a few of the basic bookbinding methods–hardcover, perfect bound, even homemade saddle stitched composition books! I also love her eyelet notebook and ombre journal tutorials.

Sea Lemon’s Bookbinding Videos on Youtube

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.41.55 AM
Photo from Sea Lemon’s channel on youtube.com

I’ve saved the best for last! Sea Lemon’s channel has almost 500 000 subscribers and it’s easy to see why. Her bookbinding tutorials are clear and comprehensive and include a Fauxdori tutorial, long-stitch binding, and coptic stitch to name just a few. She also has plenty of other DIY videos and has partnered with HGTV and Kin Community. This will be my first stop from now on when it comes to bookbinding!

Do you love bookbinding? What’s your favourite method to use?

Thanks for reading! Till next time,


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