[I love] Abbey Sy

Time to start a new series! The [I love] series will spotlight designers and artists who I think are amazing, influential, and important.

Photo and feature photo by Abbey Sy

I’ve been following designer Abbey Sy on Instagram ever since I rediscovered how much fun can be had on that app a few months ago (you can follow me!). She is a 23-year-old self-taught author and designer from the Philippines who does some seriously fun and beautiful things with type. She has done collaborations with brands like Tropicana and Havaianas and been named one of the Top Ten Graphic Designers and Illustrators from the Philippines by the Interactive Design Institute. She has also published two bestselling books: The ABCs of Hand Lettering and the Lettering Progress Keeper, as well as a set of postcards called Letters from ABC.

Photo by Abbey Sy

I’m in love with the warm earthy tones she uses in her lettering and the way the words flow around each other like water. Abbey’s work is also unique in that she uses mostly watercolour paints to create her letters, which makes the level of detail that much more impressive. Check out the Tedx video below where she explains her lettering journey and touches on the importance of being “courageously creative.”

What is most inspiring to me about Abbey’s work is that she was able to become an author and entrepreneur from a relatively young age simply by pursuing her passion. I believe that when you work hard at the things you love, other people benefit as well. She adds a little more beauty into the world with every piece she creates. Thanks for being you, Abbey!

If you want to see more of Abbey Sy’s work, click one of the links below to be redirected to some eye candy. And seriously, follow her on Instagram–you won’t regret it!

Website | Behance | Twitter | Instagram

Who should I feature next? Leave a comment below with the name of your favourite designer!

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