Teaching Thursday: Calligraphy

This semester I will be replacing Thursday Thoughts with Teaching Thursdays! The plan is to provide online resources for a different skill every week. This first week is all about calligraphy. I started teaching myself brush calligraphy about a month and a half ago and it is a blast. I started with a Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip pen and have since collected a bunch of Tombow Double Ended Brush Markers and Koi Sakura Colouring Brush Pens. I even tried watercolour brush calligraphy, which was challenging but fun. I haven’t graduated to using pen and ink yet, but I have a feeling I will get there in the new future. I mean, who needs money? If you are interested in trying out calligraphy, whether brush or traditional, check out my recommendations below for some great resources.

Brush Calligraphy

Photo from piecescalligraphy.com

My number one recommended resource for learning brush calligraphy is Pieces Calligraphy! Sharisse has many different tutorials about the basics and making different strokes, as well as free printable practice sheets. She is also a total sweetheart who responds quickly to comments on Instagram, so go check out her stuff!

Another great Instagram account for learning brush lettering is @gs_calligraphy. The bright colours in her photos are so inspiring!

Dip Pen Calligraphy

Photo from thepostmansknock.com

Lindsey Bugbee’s website The Postman’s Knock is a treasure trove of resources for those looking to learn modern calligraphy using dip pens. There are a lot of free tutorials on her blog as well as worksheets and courses available for purchase for just a few dollars. Her style is technically “modern calligraphy,” although I think that a lot of her pointers about pens and supports are applicable to more traditional styles as well.

I also really love Nina Benito Tran’s Instagram account @anintran. She has a lot of short calligraphy clips that are mesmerizing to watch.

Other Instagram Accounts

If you want to join a community of people on Instagram learning how to letter, check out @handletteredabcs. If you tag your photo #handletteredabcs, they might share it on their own account for others to appreciate!

Are you going to attempt calligraphy? Did I miss any awesome links that were helpful to you? Let me know! 

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