I’m Back! Beer Packaging: Part One

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. If it was anything like mine, you ate way too much food, played lots of Dutch Blitz, and got to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

The Public Series (a.k.a. blog) project was assigned again this semester so you can expect at least a dozen new posts between now and the end of April. I was actually thinking about keeping this blog going anyway because I really enjoy sharing my thoughts, but now that’s a choice I don’t have to make.

We’re going to kick off this new year of blogging by introducing a three part series on the process of designing one of my projects–beer packaging–from start to finish. This project is a fun one because it’s completely wide open for any topic or style. Before I did anything else, I made a workback schedule. From there I could add the due dates for each step to my planner (more on that later!) and know if I am ahead or behind.

beer photos 7

To start my research, I went to the LCBO to take photos of the craft beer they have for sale as well as buy a bottle to relabel. I went with one called Forked River because of its streamlined shape and plain silver cap (and later I get to drink it, yay!). Then I made a PDF of all of my photos for reference. I also pulled inspiration from websites such as Oh Beautiful Beer and Stranger and Stranger Design Studio for a more global variety of influences.

The next step was to think of a theme and a name. I felt really stuck with this at first because it was so wide open. The main ideas I looked at at first were gothic revival architecture, fishwives (until I realized that can be a derogatory term, oops!), something ornate and floral, and swamp monsters. I ended up choosing a campfire tales/scary story theme featuring the swamp monster beer because I wanted to do something a little creepy and different from my usual themes.

Once I had the names of my brewing company, series, and beer, I could start my visual research. I already knew that I wanted kind of a swampy background with B-movie title type text overtop, so I gathered images of bayous and screenshots of movie title cards.

With my visual research finished, I was able to start sketching concepts for the series name, brewery, and label layout. I ran a couple of tight sketches past my prof and from there I was able to choose a direction and even make a rough mockup to see how it would look on the bottle.

And that’s where I’ve gotten so far! In a few weeks I will post again to show you the final label, talk about how I made it, and explain my ideas for the box and any other packaging.

Till next time, thanks for reading and welcome back!


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