Quote by Rudy Duke on The Conquering Zero

Thursday Thoughts: Rudy Duke

Thursday again! I love Thursdays because I have no classes–and of course, because I get to ramble on in the Thursday Thoughts segment. This week’s quote comes from Rudy Duke (bio here).

A good designer may not have all the answers, but he knows which questions to ask.

What a great way to describe creative problem-solving! We had a discussion in class today about project-based learning and why it works. A lot of our classes this semester are simply work periods, and our teacher walks around and gives feedback to anyone in need of some. It may sound easy, but this is a very powerful way to learn because it forces you to problem-solve every step of the way. Here are some of the practical lessons I learned this week so far simply from trying to complete my projects:

Always, always back up your work in more than one place because you never know when your external hard drive is going to quit.

Always, always have access to an online dropbox because you never know when your school iMac is going to stop reading almost all USBs, leaving you with the only backed up copy of your files sitting on your desktop with no way to get it off.

If all else fails, screen sharing over Wifi is a good way to transfer your files to another computer and also to mess with your classmates by controlling their computer.

If you hold down option and then double-click on a linked image in Illustrator, it will open the original in either Illustrator or Photoshop. The same is true for double-clicking on the layer thumb of smart objects in Photoshop.

The clone stamp tool and the healing brush tool in Photoshop do NOT work equally well for all tasks.

FontDiner.com is a good source for retro looking typefaces and it has a page of free fonts, even if they are in True Text format.

PDFs are an Illustrator native file and can be edited as layers if you happen to lose the AI version.

You can force a printer to override to the multipurpose tray by selecting Tabloid Oversize in the print dialogue and then making sure there are no 12″x18″ sheets in any of the trays.

You get the idea. In all of these questions I had to ask the right questions or find someone who knew the right questions to ask in order to solve my problem. I think that sometimes it’s not just about knowing the right questions to ask, but knowing the right people who can help you ask the right questions. It’s all about being resourceful. My hope is that as I advance through my schooling and go out into the workforce, I can learn not only concrete skills but also the skills to figure out the things I don’t know.

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