Restaurant Menu on The Conquering Zero

Project Showcase: The Halfway Point

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Personally, I’m sitting here gorging myself on leftover Halloween chocolate as I write this. Life is so hard.

We are just past the halfway point in our semester so I thought it would be a good time to look back and reflect on the projects I’ve done so far. Second year goes quickly with deadlines coming at a more rapid-fire speed. So ready, set, let’s get some perspective!

After a few technical projects, the first assignment I handed in was my card illustrations. I created mine based on Dutch needlepoint samplers from the 1600-1800s. My own relatives immigrated from the Netherlands, so a lot of this rich imagery was already familiar to me and close to my heart. To make the designs, I created a grid in Illustrator and duplicated a small ‘x’ shape a few thousand times.

Card Illustration Project on The Conquering Zero

The next project I handed in was the Film Festival Identity. Each second year student was paired up with a third year to create unique visual branding for a film fest. My partner and I received the topic “children’s film fest.” Our theme became “children’s movie’s with a message.” The name Fish Out of Water not only encompasses the environmental aspect of some of the films, but the messages about bullying and fitting in found in the other movies.

Film Festival Identity on The Conquering Zero

Another large project we finished during the first half of the semester was our restaurant menu. I dreamt up a cafe called Half-Pint Pie Co. (the research part of this made me drool). I wanted it to feel like a fun, casual place where you can sit and sip a fancy coffee drink or iced tea while savouring a flaky, delicious hand pie. I made the menu cute and easily replaceable because pie crust=greasy fingers.

Restaurant Menu on The Conquering Zero

We can’t forget about photography class! Our assignment was to take two portrait photos. One had to be in the studio and one had to use available light, each with at least two light sources. I had lots of fun making my friend look overjoyed to be holding an onion (last minute idea) and getting my sister to pose for me on our front steps.

Studio Portrait on The Conquering ZeroAvailable Light Portrait on The Conquering Zero

I have a couple more projects due this week so I will share those photos with you when I have them. All you need to know about them right now is that creating infographics is so, so much harder than it looks. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my assignments so far!

Till next time,


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